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Customs Liaison Officers visited Hong Kong Courier Association.



        在疫情期間,走私份子可能會利用香港高效快捷的物流服務,走私各種受管制物品進出香港。  根據香港法例第60章《進出口
條例》或其他香港特別行政區法例的規定,所有受管制物品如配方粉、應課稅品、受管制化學品、藥劑產品、危險藥物、火器及彈藥等,必須先獲得有關當局簽發的有效牌照或進出口許可證,方能進出香港。  詳情可參閱以下香港海關網站:

        請 貴公司提醒前線員工,如有發現可疑貨物或懷疑走私活動,可致電海關二十四小時舉報熱線 2545 6182 或透過舉報罪案電郵帳戶 ( crimereport@customs.gov.hk)盡快作出舉報。
        如有任何查詢,請致電 3759 2438 與海關聯絡主任羅敏儀女士聯絡。





We visited Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department











Hong Kong City University's School of Foreign Studies (SCOPE) Conference

to promote Hong Kong Express Forum




Supporting Pei Kai Charities, Supporting Grassroots Family Education




Attending the 2nd Zhejiang Tonglu China (Hangzhou) International Express Industry Conference


1. Post-Expo2016 Hong Kong +The Parcel Show at Asia World -Expo. Hong Kong (24 - 26/5/2016)


members photo of HKCA


2. Visited SF Express HK Headoffice with Hong Kong Courier Association (21-5- 2016)


SF Express and HKCA's members gathered together


Chairman of HKCA presented souvenir to SF Express


SF Express discussed co-operation with HKCA members

SF Express introduced its parcel lockers to members of HKCA


Chairman of HKCA operated SF Express's parcel lockers


3. HKCA visited Hong Kong Post on 9-12-2015

Letter addressed by Gary Ng, Chairman, Hong Kong Courier Association after the visit.

“It is our utmost desire that our association and Hong Kong Post will work together.  We believe that it is not a zero sum game and can create a greater pie and it will be a win-win situation for both of us.  Worldwide, Hong Kong Post has connections with over two hundred and ten countries and in Hong Kong has a local network of 124 post offices and these are envied by every standards.  Our members would like to develop cordial business relationships by making use of its great connections and networks.  We are now working with our members in this direction and believe that we can work out strategies both international and locally, which will be mutually benefit for both of us.  


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